The L Shopping Centre - Mashashane Mall

The construction of a Mashashane Mall "The L Shopping Centre" is scheduled and underway, due for opening soon.

The mall has been in development for some time now but slowly taking shape, as with proof of photos attached to this article.

In fact, we hoped The L Shopping Centre will be launched early 2019 but that wasn't the case.

This article aims to keep track of progress on the development stages of the mall with pictures.

Development Of The L Shopping Centre

Mashashane mall is located in Sebora village at the four-way cross (Ga-Sekele) to Polokwane.

The "L" in the name represents "Ledwaba", a popular surname among the community of Mashashane. In full, it's The Ledwaba Shopping Centre.

At this stage, we cannot confirm who the developers and owners of the project are? How much the project is going to cost to complete.

According to the shopping complex name, private companies are responsible for the development of malls. If the mall was developed by the community, it would be named "Mashashane Mall" - right?

Bottom line:

This will be the first-ever shopping centre or mall in Mashashane after Mashashane Crossing.

The L Shopping Centre will be home to over 36 shops and multiple exhibition courts in its first development.

We're not sure who the anchor tenants of the mall will be but happy to announce that the first shop (Mashashane Usave) is opening tomorrow - 04 May 2022.

Mashashane is a huge community located not far distance from Polokwane and Mokopane. According to stats, the community has a population of over 8 000 people during the year before everyone from all over the country comes back home for the holidays.

Mashashane isn't developing as fast as the community would love however there's always hope.

The mall will be highly appreciated by the community. It would have saved the community a lot of time and money, just to do shopping in Polokwane.

Latest Development: The Opening of Mashashane Usave (03/05/2022)

Mashashane Usave

Mashashane Usave is set for opening tomorrow 04 May 2022.

Photo Gallery

New Development - 11/08/2020

New Development - 11/08/2020
Mashashane Mall - New Development - 11/08/2020

Mall Exhibition

Want to promote your business at the mall or any shopping centre?

Do you want to know how much it would cost your business to exhibit at the mall?

Don't worry, we analyzed over 10 shopping malls in Polokwane, and here's what we learned.

On average, depending on the mall and chosen exhibition court/location, you're looking to spend between R2 000 and R20 000 per week.

Without a doubt, promoting your business or product at the mall is guaranteed a great return on investment (ROI). The majority of shopping malls get an average of 750 000 visitors a month depending on the area and location of the mall. Your business and products will be exposed to thousands of potential customers daily.

Places of Interest in Mashashane

Just near the development of the mall, there's Utjane Dam (in Utjane Village) where people go for outdoor entertainment and viewing of the Mashashane beautiful dam.

A few kilometers from the mall, there's a place I like to refer to as the "Mashashane Game Reserve" in Manyapye village, where you can tour and view various types of animals including lions.

And in Mandela, also not far from the mall, there's a Mash Fun Park, possibly the only well-designed park to accommodate family and friends - including children.

Alternatively, you can go to Polokwane town, with plenty of places of attractions to enjoy with your family.