New Shoprite U-Save Store Opening in Ga-Mashashane!

The community of GaMashashane is filled with joy and excitement since the announcement that a new U-Save store is opening on Wednesday the 04th of May 2022 and ready to serve GaMashashane residents their favourites, further saving them the travel to get their essentials and creating jobs.

The new U-Save store is located in Sebora village by the main road, not far from Interface lounge, about 34 km from Polokwane CBD.

It has been over 3 years since the development of The Ledwaba Crossing commenced and we finally have a U-Save store at home. The development that had Mashashane people put their hopes up, believing in it to deliver the change they have been in need of for over decades. This store is there to develop and elegant the environment and style of people in the village. The Management has finally announced and released the launching date.

Thi really means that the people of Ga-Mashashane will be able to walk, catch a local cab or drive locally to get all the essentials and for quick grocery shopping. This is a big one for the economic growth of Ga-Mashashane.

Some of the things said by residents on social media;

This shopping complex will indeed come to our rescue as we had to travel so many kilometers, spending more on transportation to get simple things. Improvement is _lekker_”. Says one excited Mashashane resident.

Mashashane will soon be a Kasi. The development is crazy” says someone on social reacting to the announcement.

We also had a chat with the management and it's clear this has not been an easy journey for them, making this glorious achievement even more exciting.

This project has truly been a labour of love and we are so excited for you all to experience it, although in all these years it has been one failed idea after another. Some businesses that we started showed so much great promise and progress that we would bet it all on them, only to end up with nothing to show or rather, bankrupt to now opening not just our first store but the hope and beacon in the rural areas, while improving our environment, blessing our community by creating employment for them. It all feels unreal. It’s been a tough 6-years of trial and error.” Says management.

Management invites all media houses to experience the pride of Mashashane, as a new U-Save store launches on the 4th of May 2022. Pop in and celebrate the sweet buttered bread that will simplify the way of life and living.

Happy shopping batho ba Ga-Mashashane!