Young man from Gamashashane commits suicide

A young man from Gamashashane is believed to have committed suicide after he posted what seemed like his last words on Facebook Wednesday morning.

A young man with a really promising future, using the Facebook name Malume Gigger Marivate posted his first suicidal hint on the 18th of July 2023 when he said "life e boima bafethu bye" and on the same post he then said that would be the beginning of him being crazy and the devil trying to rob him. Then lastly yesterday on the 26th July 2023 he posted again that "I'm gone guys catch you on the otherside" and now sadly the posts that follow on his timeline are from family and friends with heavy hearts telling him to rest in peace.

First hint
First suicidal hint

The reason for his allged suicide is unknown at the moment but from his Facebook posts it sounded like there was something that was bothering him and he couldn't take it anymore.

Friends and relatives are now pouring their heavy hearts with posts and pictures they shared with him and some have posted screenshots of their previous conversations with him, showing how he was a caring and loving man to his people. The most heartbreaking post was from a lady who posted that she was on a video call with him, trying to convince him not to commit suicide and it shows that he even paused the video as he didn't want the lady to see him as he takes his life.

Heartbroken Friend

Lately we have seen an increase in the number of men suffering from depression and taking their lives. We can remember the likes of the famous SA Musician Riky Rick who also took to Twitter last year to say his last goodbyes and took his life. It is really sad and heartbreaking to see men giving in to this demonic thing disguised as depression.

May the beautiful soul of Malume Gigger Marivate Rest in eternal peace.