Thapelo Matsi walks away with Hustler Of The Year 015 Award.

“Dream it until you make it”.

Thapelo Matsi is a 26-year-old hustler from Kalkspruit in Ga-Maraba outside Polokwane CBDs. He is also, the founder of Cunget clothing brand that is listed one of the best brands in Mashashane-Maraba.

Thapelo says that he had always believed in himself. Even before the 015 Awards, he had always knew he was capable. Although, fans and fellow supporters played a very vital role on the time of the votes. With that been said, on the 09th of May, it made to several social media pages that this young business man, walked away with 015 Hustler Of The Year Award. Thapelo says this was not his 1st award but 3rd.

“It feels great honestly. I’d like to believe that I’ve always been known as a silent self-driven pioneer behind the Cunget brand and other great initiatives I was part of. Looking at this trophy, I feel more inspired that to all the things I dream of regardless of having less resources I can still achieve them and also inspire other kids out there”. Thapelo said.

“Challenges are our biggest openings for transformation”.

Of late, Matsi is also running a company called Project Worth Studios, that specializes in visual communication.

He says that since he is a multimedia graduate, he thought of utilizing his profession to close the untapped digital platform in the village economies since the world is evolving into fourth industrial revolution”.

Project Worth Studios was formed in 2020.

His target market are small businesses that are in need of corporate identity. The goal is to help those who are in need of personal branding and digital marketing to outshine on their socials.

As Cunget, so far they have already made donations of sanitary towels and cosmetics to 7 schools across Ga-Maraba without any sponsors involved and host events throughout the year to attract customers and promote the broader identity of the brand.

He tells us that the initiative was all possible in partnership with Maraba Reviving Hope Multipurpose Centre and Konafi Events Management.

God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers, and he trusted Thapelo to fight this battle for he knew he was gonna come out on top and shine bright with his medals.

Congratulations *Thapelo Matsi*


Thapelo Matsi