Sweet Life With The Sweetness Cakes and Treat Angels: Kgothatso Manganye.

Kgothatso Manganye and flour has become best of friends. Kgothatso is a 21-year old self-taught baker from dusty rurals of Ga Mashashane Sebora, several kilometres away from the Polokwane CBD.

Her love for baking has paved her path smoothly to now owning a thriving business. She is the CEO and proud founder of Sweetness Cakes and Treats that was established in August 2021. “I had just turned 20 when I started my baking business”. Said Kgothatso.

Sweetness Cakes and Treats has mouthwatering and various flavours one can choose from. Cakes and cupcakes available in chocolate, vanilla, lemon, red velvet and carrot flavours.

Muffins in chocolate, cappuccino, vanilla, lemon, chocmint and red velvet.

The bubbly baker says that unemployment rate in South Africa, the deadly faced pandemic and the need to lead, also put a push to the energy she invested in making this a success. She further says she couldn’t just bask when she knew she could do something to ease the pain of not been able to afford herself and loved ones. “I had to keep my head up high, do what I love, to fight poverty”.

Kgothatso says that she fell deeply in love with her hot ovens because they produce what was made with love turn into something more exceptional. Kgothatso tells us that she is considering to further her studies in the field that will enable her to deal easier with big deals that comes with her line of work, as she had just realised that the feeling she gets whilst in the kitchen, is bigger than her. She currently caters for small occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries. Her growth goal is to start catering for corporate events, political parties and other big gatherings in the near future.

In the next coming years, I see myself running a beyond thriving and most successful bakery in my village and branch out in different towns of Limpopo, creating jobs and growing the love for baking in small communities”. As young as she is, she says she doesn’t want to wait for moonlight, she wants to explore, nurture and grow her business.

Nothing is as easy but passion always works to our advantage. The need to stay focused whilst in the kitchen, is important to avoid any burnt results or any type of cake fail. Sometimes, delivery faults”. She said.

On the other side, Goodness also does some type of beautiful braiding at affordable prices.

“My lovely mother Johanna Manganye, has always been there for me under all kinds of circumstances. She’s the one who got me the first Cake mould and her employer Dr Naidoo, gifted me with a bunch of baking tools”. She smiled.

Sweetness Cakes and Treats approves your order with 60%deposit of payable amount.

Just like love, baking requires chemistry, patience, creativity and the proper tools to produce a recipe for success”.

Facebook: Kgothatso Goodness

WhatsApp/Calls: 082 070 8686

Email: kgothatsogoodness05@gmail.com