Shimi Turns Moments Into Beautiful Memories through Photography

Behind every snap, there's a story. A story that reminds us of our flaws, happy moments, mistakes or everything else that mattered, at that time.

Meet the 28-year-old Kgothatso Shadung better known as Shimi. He is credited for his best photography skills, producing beautiful pictures with unmeasurable quality that takes people by the storm, making him remain the best photographer of all the time in the village. He is from dusty streets Mashashane Sebora outside Polokwane.

Not knowing that he would one day carry 90% of hip and happening Mashashane events' memories on his shoulders or rather in his court, he tells us he got his camera for personal use and unsaid reasons, but in his refreshing and spare time, he would take pictures of little things and everything that captured his heart, may it be things such as his dogs that he admires very much, the sunset view, flowers and the beauty of nature around him. That is another thing Shimi found pleasure and productivity in.

"I fell in love with photography whilst in it. The love for pictures grew in me as I one day came to the realisation of my ability to capture and edit to the utmost beauty, that people close to me approved". Shimi said.

Whether your fancy is an indoor or an outdoor adventure, Shimi is the man you can follow, trust and use with assurance. For the past 3-4 years, Shimi has been the man behind the snaps of jolly, joy and most events in and around the village that are doing rounds of socials.

Shimi says that photography is not easy as it seems, however passion makes everything a little bit easier. Like any other job, photography comes with its own challenges too. "Editing pictures after a long event day/night can be draining and mentally demanding, but when you do what you love effortlessly, you become the winner. My priority is always editting the pictures to the owner satisfaction, which is not and cannot be a sandwich on the go. You have to take the stairs",he said.

Some people consider photography as a hobby but Shimi tells Strictly Mashashane that he got past that mentality a long time ago when he made it through his photography gigs when we got struck by the deadly Covid-19 pandemic and most jobs were on the edge of the grave.

One of the challenges that Shimi come across along the way, is the pressure he is put under after events, where patrons are on top and about when he should release the pictures. An after-event syndrome. On the other hand, people who fail to meet him half way by honouring their deal.

"I personally think they just assume that right after the event, I then just send out pictures." He laughs. As he continued, he tells us that editting takes too much of his time than that of the actual capturing and if patrons knew this, he believes they would just let him do what he knows best, to their satisfaction for a beautiful 2-3weeks after the event.

Shimi has breath-taking goals about his career in photography and he loves improving his craft everyday to serve his clients what they have ordered. Shimi sends his love to the event organisers in and around Mashashane, his clients, friends and family for believing in him since he started.

You can have a one-on-one photo shoot with Shimi. Shimi's services caters for gathering such as graduation ceremonies, birthday celebrations, unveiling ceremonies, wedding celebrations etc . One person on socials said that: "Shimi has got to be the best photographer Mashashane has ever produced". And people seem to agree with what has been said.

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Instagram: shimi_kgothatso