New Limpopo Liquor Act to Cut Down Alcohol Traders Operating Hours

Limpopo liquor outlets will not be allowed to trade alcohol after midnight as the new Limpopo Liquor Act goes into effect from the 1st of August 2023.

Limpopo night life is about to change for both liquor traders and consumers after the MEC of the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism announced during the Nelson Mandela Day event that the Limpopo Liquor Act 5 of 2009 will go into effect as of the 1st August 2023. The new act regulates that all liquor trading outlets operating in Limpopo will close at 00:00 midnight and no alcohol will be sold after midnight. The current Liquor Act allows for outlets to sell alcohol till 02:00 am.

Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism MEC Rodgers Monama speaking at the Modimolle Victim Support Centre on Mandela Day that in the fight against Gender Based Violence, Child Abuse, Community Instability, Trauma Incidents, Rape and other Sexual Misconducts the provincial government decided that cutting down liquor trading hours will help them curb these crimes.

In this economy, this could save many people from spending more money on alcohol but also one would say that will negatively affect businessmen and women in the liquor trade industry. The last time we had alcohol trading hours cut was during the covid 19 lockdown and some liquor trading outlets were badly affected and some ended up closing shops and jobs were lost.

It is said that various stakeholders have been consulted regarding the new Limpopo Liquor Law and they haven’t received any backlash during those sessions, however they are expecting the most backlash from the public.