Legodi Brothers Making Waves in the Music Business

Artist needs someone or an organization they can rely on, to guide and represent them with professionalism and fairness. Danukes Records, has their artists’ best interests at heart.

Danukes Records is a brainchild of Majola ‘Da-Force’ Legodi originally from Ga-Mashashane Bellingsgate in Polokwane. It was established in 2017 with the aim to search and grow young talent, granting them the exposure they need. Danukes Records also host events of art and entertainment in different towns and sectors around the country.

Danukes records is an independent label that has DJ Obza, Krusher, MaZet SA and Mashashane’s DJ Gizo under it’s wings. Also, working closely with the likes of Leon Lee, Mvzzle, Mzux Maen just to name a few. DJ Gizo is one of the DJs that has worked with Danukes for the longest time ever, he tells us that working with Danukes has been such a great experience. “Danukes just has a way of bringing out the best of me. I’m happy to be part of a label that helps me grow as a person and an artist”. He said

In May 2022, Da-Force’s brother, Jeremiah ‘Boss Kreste’ Legodi left his job in Mining and Industrials to join him onto growing the business, full-time. Da-Force says that they never had it easy. They struggled with each other for the longest time before their victory.

Legodi brothers tell Strictly Mashashane that owning a record label, has always been their dream from a young age, this was inspired by their undying love for music. Da-Force says that He for one, knew he could not sing but at one stage used to dance Pantsula. So basically, to him music has always been very deep, he says it is a calling.

Da-Force had to establish himself with zero connections in the music industry. He persued this journey and came across it’s difficulties and challenges but still refused to give up. Instead, he took it as a learning curve.

When covid-19 hits, every business was affected differently. It was a hard time for Danukes aswell but says it also gave them space to recoupe and focus on restructuring the business and doing a lot of music. “We’ve been surviving through our savings and some international gigs and managed to travel through those hard restrictions”. Boss Kreste said. When covid-19 eased, a lot of music that was done, got dropped and they managed to secure bookings for their artists until to date.

DaNukes Records’ future goal is to continue discovering a lot of young, pure talent and grow them, sign globally as they’re a national label already.

“Be led by the dreams in your heart”.

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Artists booking line 073 397 7411 / +27 68 576 6674