LedJoy - Village Girl Launches a Luxury Watch Brand

Lethabo Motibane, a 30-year-old lady from Ga-Mashashane used to walk 10 kilometers traveling to school and that is where the obsession with time started.

In the 5 years of walking to and from school, Lethabo realised the importance of time management and being resilient. Over 10 years after high school she wanted to instil the spirit of resilience and time management in everyone aiming for greatness.

“As someone who was raised from a disadvantaged background, I had to encounter and battle a lot of challenges but what enabled me to keep my head above the water is the realisation that the most significant fight is time” suggested Lethabo. “I have always been in a race against time”.

Lethabo nicknamed ‘Lejoy’ launched Ledjoy Ke Nako alongside with Suzan Letsoalo upon the mutual acknowledgement that the first battle one needs to win is the battle against time. Time management is of utmost importance be it in studying, training, practicing, exercising, or even working.

Ledjoy is proudly South African manufacturer of luxury watches that tell stories of resilience, and strength by driving all our customers to ACT NOW through our KE NAKO drive. KE NAKO is a Northern Sotho phrase that means ‘It is time’.

It is time that Africa produces quality watches designed to fit her people’s resilient characters and personalities. “We strive for excellence and treat our customers as brands which deserve to be perceived as leaders.” Says Lethabo.

Although the brand name is coincidentally similar to Lethabo’s nickname, the concept behind the name is simply that if one is Led by purpose, they will have a Joyful tomorrow through a resilient process.