Egypt banned Travis Scott from performing at the pyramids over “strange rituals”

The Egyptian musicians’ syndicate has announced that it will not allow US rap artist Travis Scott to perform at the Giza pyramids, stating that the planned concert would invite offence to “traditions”.

International music stars regularly perform at the feet of Egypt’s famous pyramids not far from the country’s capital (Cairo).

Egypt in recent years have vocally opposed what seems to be a “rewrite” of their history, accusing African-American movements that are staking their claim to the ancient pharaohs.

The musicians’ syndicate which presides over the affairs relating to live and recorded music concerts in the world of the Arab customs, said in a statement on Tuesday that Scott’s concert goes against their traditions.

The union said that it does not wish to interfere in any musical events only if they do not drag the cultural beliefs and traditions of the Egyptian people through the mud.

After going through the rapper’s social media profile, the syndicate found images and videos that the artist is seen practicing strange rituals, which are against the traditions of the Arab nation (Egypt).

However the union does not state the kind of “rituals” linked to the rapper who is currently doing a world tour.