Boyzin The DJ, Mashashane Rising Star

Madimetja Legodi(23) is a Mashashane-based DJ known as Boyzin The DJ. He was born and bred in Mashashane. Boyzin The DJ became a DJ at the age of 16.

"My love for music had an instructive beginning. I drew inspiration from Kabza De Small, who is by far the number one leading DJ and music producer in the country. I look up to him and always have been a fan of his work" said Boyzin The DJ.

Boyzin’s big break as a preforming DJ came in the year 2022 at a local pub, Interface in Mashashane. A crowd-pleasing performance thereafter earned him more stripes, and ever since that day he never looked back and continued to reach new heights in his career as a DJ.

Being the best and maintaining the spot always comes with the territory. Boyzin had his fair share and mixed reviews from where he always plays out his music for a different set of crowd, and market.

“The biggest challenge is when a DJ like myself usually plays the music that many people cannot relate to nor understand. Where I am from the market for DJs and their music don’t get to reach a broader audience. Big events often take place during the festive season, and that time of the year is when a lot of bookings come flooding in for most DJs like myself again,” Boyzin said.

Despite keeping crowds entertained week in and week out, Boyzin still feels that playing his music at local taverns is not an ideal place for his own safety. He adds, “Taverns are not safe at all. The vibe and music will make you dance the night away, but trouble only starts when fights break out and your set gets interrupted. Your job as a DJ is to entertain people, and have them sing you praises. Eventually when things like brawls get in the way of your passion, you suddenly lose interest and no longer want to see yourself playing your music in such places.”

Nonetheless the aspiring Amapiano Music DJ, in the near future also wants to start producing music for many other artists, and make them reach their full potential.

“When you want to be a DJ, patience is always key. You should know and understand your work, so that your fans and other fellow DJs can really take you and your craft seriously,” he concluded.