Man mauled to death by lions at a game reserve in Gauteng

An employee by the name of Johannes Matshe at Dinokeng Game Reserve in Gauteng, was mauled to death by the lions on the reserve on Monday.

The victim is said to have been walking around the premises when the attack took place.

The reserve’s spokesperson Hartogh Streicher, said human remains were discovered at around 10:37 on Monday reported by the operations manager working on the reserve.

There has been images making rounds on social media, showing a skull and a leg bone with a shoe still attached to it allegedly said to be the remains of the man.

In another previous incident, a 22-year-old woman was also attacked and killed by a lion at the same reserve in 2018. The onslaught occurred when the woman was accompanying a friend who had gone to interview the manager of the camp. The deceased was neither an employee or a guest at the reserve.

In the aftermath of the attack, the management of the reserve said that the woman was killed in the out of bounds area where access is not permissible. The lion was said to have not been one of its wild, free-roaming lions involving the incident.

An inquest was opened by the Hammanskraal SAPS and investigations are also underway regarding Matshe’s killing by the animals.

Streicher has since passed his condolences to Matshe’s family, and highlighted that the danger of wild animals should serve as a stern reminder post the unfortunate tragedy.